Black-Capped Chickadee

A most friendly bird who can land in our hands when full of seeds, she lives in Ontario year round. Even at -30 you can hear that all familiar call of “chick-a-dee-dee-dee.” You never quite know when our chickadee friend will make an appearance during the show but chances are when our naturalist puppet “Violet” appears so will the chickadee.

Carl the Caddis Fly Larva

Carl is a bug with a recognition problem. When he introduces himself as a caddis fly larva, most of the audience usually replies "what?" But as people are quick to learn, caddis fly larvae are great indicators of shoreline health. If the water is clean, you'll meet plenty of caddis flies. Look closely along a healthy waterway and you might just spot Carl or some of his kin!

Herman the Singing Worm

Herm the Worm loves to belt out the "Rot and Roll" numbers. Whether its giving composting tips in Peterborough Green-Up's Compost Education Show or helping to teach Chuck Wood in The Lumberjack's Lesson, Herm is always ready with a quick song or message.

Honest Frankie the Frog

Honest Frankie is quick with his tongue — whether it is for fly-catching or joke-telling. A shoreline expert, his family has lived along the waterways of Ontario for thousands of years. Honest Frankie is the MC and one of the main characters in Honest Frankie's Shoreline Review.

Jean-Luc the Voyageur

What Jean-Luc lacks in sense of direction he makes up for in humour and song. Sure, he might not know north from south, but he can whip out a French-Canadian paddling song at the drop of a toque! Look for him to give a history lesson in Honest Frankie's Shoreline Review.


Marlin is a modern guy with some cool links to the past. Anishinabe by birth, he has memorized tales of days gone by, passed to him by his elders. In “Honest Frankie's Shoreline Review,” he plays an Ojibway trader and friend to Jean-Luc the Voyageur. He also has a cameo as a knowledgeable commuter in Shifting Gears.

Mordecai Cattail

Mort is a temperamental little fellow. Of course, you would be too if your home was constantly in danger from pollution and shoreline development. Mort is a big fan of the folks at Peterborough's Ecology Park, who have worked on restoring his neighbourhood, and the neighbourhood of his family and friends.

Outdoor Edward

Outdoor Edward, or “Outdoor Ed” for short, loves to hike the forest and shorelines of Ontario lakes and rivers. He loves to lead hikes and teach young and old about the natural wonders of Ontario.

Pumpkin Seed Bass

The Pumpkin Seed Bass is found in many lakes of Ontario and is a real fan of clean water.

Rex Powers

The closest thing the Paddling Puppeteers come to a villain, Rex is the man behind shoreline and forest “development,” Builder of sub-divisions and layer of sod, he makes the world a much harder place for the plants and animals of the natural world.